Commit 3d8ea2d9 authored by Markus Scheidgen's avatar Markus Scheidgen
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Optimize exclude_from_search. #661

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......@@ -1010,6 +1010,15 @@ def _specific_agg(agg: Aggregation) -> Union[TermsAggregation, DateHistogramAggr
raise NotImplementedError()
def _and_clauses(query: Query) -> Generator[Query, None, None]:
if isinstance(query, models.And):
for clause in query.op:
for query in _and_clauses(clause):
yield query
yield query
def search(
owner: str = 'public',
query: Union[Query, EsQuery] = None,
......@@ -1106,10 +1115,18 @@ def search(
if isinstance(agg, QuantityAggregation) and agg.exclude_from_search}
if len(excluded_agg_quantities) > 0:
# TODO optimize and try to put a few criteria into pre_agg_query
pre_agg_es_query = Q()
post_agg_es_query = es_query
post_agg_query = query
and_clauses = list(_and_clauses(query))
pre_clauses = [
and_clause for and_clause in and_clauses
if isinstance(and_clause, models.Criteria) and not in excluded_agg_quantities]
pre_agg_es_query = validate_api_query(
models.And(**{'and': list(pre_clauses)}), doc_type=doc_type,
post_agg_query = models.And(**{'and': [
and_clause for and_clause in and_clauses if and_clause not in pre_clauses]})
post_agg_es_query = validate_api_query(
post_agg_query, doc_type=doc_type, owner_query=owner_query)
search = search.post_filter(post_agg_es_query)
search = search.query(pre_agg_es_query & nested_owner_query)
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