Commit 37b016ec authored by Markus Scheidgen's avatar Markus Scheidgen
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Temp. removed the exclusive element search checkbox. #709, #731

parent 52c44149
......@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ import {
} from '@material-ui/core'
import InputCheckbox from './InputCheckbox'
import InputHeader from './InputHeader'
import AspectRatio from '../../visualization/AspectRatio'
import { makeStyles } from '@material-ui/core/styles'
......@@ -367,13 +366,13 @@ const InputPeriodicTable = React.memo(({
<div className={styles.formContainer}>
{/* <div className={styles.formContainer}>
label="only composition that exclusively contain these atoms"
description="Search for entries with compositions that only (exclusively) contain the selected atoms. The default is to return all entries that have at least (inclusively) the selected atoms."
</div> */}
// eslint-disable-next-line react-hooks/exhaustive-deps
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