Commit 2b3c515d authored by Lauri Himanen's avatar Lauri Himanen
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Updated representative system test so that subsystem references are supported.

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......@@ -195,6 +195,15 @@ def test_representative_systems(single_point, molecular_dynamics, geometry_optim
scc = frames[-1]
repr_system = scc.single_configuration_calculation_to_system_ref
# If the selected system refers to a subsystem, choose it instead.
system_ref = repr_system.section_system_to_system_refs[0]
ref_kind = system_ref.system_to_system_kind
if ref_kind == "subsystem":
repr_system = system_ref.system_to_system_ref
except Exception:
# Check that only the representative system has been labels with
# "is_representative"
for system in backend.entry_archive.section_run[0].section_system:
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