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This project tries and test approaches that might lead to an improved architecture for
This project implements the new *nomad@FAIRDI* infrastructure. It is currently used
to enable users to upload data, process the data, maintain a version of the NOMAD
archive and meta-info, provide search, inspection, and download to all NOMAD raw and
archive data. As a long term strategy, this project will integrate, refactor, and re-write
more and more of the existing NOMAD CoE components.
The overall goal of *nomad@FAIRDI* is to provide common interfaces to the main services of NOMAD:
*Repository*, *Archive*, and *Encyclopedia*. These interfaces comprise a graphical web-based
UI that allows users to upload data, supervise data processing, inspect and download
metadata, raw-files, and archive data, provide visual tools to explore the data, and
to learn more about advanced use modes, like API and Analytics Toolkit. The second interface
is a unified REST API with various endpoints that represent the core NOMAD services.
This will allow users the automated use of NOMAD for managing their data, and using
data on NOMAD for analytics. A specific way of using the API is through the NOMAD
Analytics Toolkit, which is revamped as a
[separate project](
Furthermore, this projects aims at establishing NOMAD as a distributed platform for
material science data sharing and management. This includes the on-site deployment of
NOMAD as a standalone service (*oasis*), the federated use of NOMAD through a
serious of full and partial *mirrors*, the integration of 3rd party material science
databases (i.e. [Aflow](, [OQMD](,
[Materials Project](, and support for open APIs and
standards like the [Optimade]( API.
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