Commit 121ba3ed authored by Markus Scheidgen's avatar Markus Scheidgen
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Fix time after mirror calcs.

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......@@ -35,8 +35,8 @@ __Dataset = Dataset.m_def.m_x('me').me_cls
__logger = utils.get_logger(__name__)
def fix_time(data):
for key in ['upload_time', 'last_processing']:
def fix_time(data, keys):
for key in keys:
time = data.get(key)
if isinstance(time, int):
data[key] = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(time)
......@@ -301,7 +301,8 @@ def mirror(
# create mongo
upload = proc.Upload.from_json(upload_data.upload, created=True).save()
for calc in upload_data.calcs:
fix_time(calc, ['create_time', 'complete_time'])
fix_time(calc['metadata'], ['upload_time', 'last_processing'])
# index es
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