Commit 10f714c8 authored by Lauri Himanen's avatar Lauri Himanen
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Updated dockerfile to cache the NOMAD-COE dependencies whenever possible.

parent 83b211c9
......@@ -54,9 +54,15 @@ RUN pip install -r requirements.txt
# Use docker build --build-args CACHEBUST=2 to not cache this (e.g. when you know deps have changed)
# Install all NOMAD-CoE dependencies and nomad@FAIRDI
COPY . /install
# Install all NOMAD-CoE dependencies. This is done separately because most of
# the time this comes directly from docker cache
COPY ./dependencies /install/dependencies
COPY ./ /install/
COPY ./.gitmodules /install/.gitmodules
RUN sh
# Copy rest of files and install nomad@FAIRDI
COPY . /install
RUN pip install .
WORKDIR /install/docs
RUN make html
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