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Merge branch 'migration' of into migration

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......@@ -767,16 +767,18 @@ class NomadCOEMigration:
upload_to_delete = upload
if delete:
upload_to_delete = self.nomad(
'uploads.delete_upload', upload_id=upload_to_delete.upload_id)
sleep = utils.SleepTimeBackoff()
while upload.process_running:
while upload_to_delete.process_running:
upload_to_delete = self.nomad(
'uploads.delete_upload', upload_id=upload_to_delete.upload_id)
'uploads.get_upload', upload_id=upload_to_delete.upload_id)
except HTTPNotFound:
# the proc upload will be deleted by the delete operation
break'deleted upload after migration failure')
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