Commit 04927f0d authored by Alvin Noe Ladines's avatar Alvin Noe Ladines
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Fix normalization issue with fhi-vibes

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Subproject commit 6cf4f04ee799e03398c4d366695953b2dc94a72f
Subproject commit 585233abfc7f02d4ba88694e8dfc49e7323e7ad6
Subproject commit 6cf4f04ee799e03398c4d366695953b2dc94a72f
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ class SinglePointNormalizer(Normalizer):
if not self.section:
self.section = self.entry_archive.section_workflow.m_create(SinglePoint)
if not self.section.calculation_method:
if not self.section.single_point_calculation_method:
method = self.section_run.section_method[-1]
self.section.single_point_calculation_method = method.electronic_structure_method
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