Commit b2fc0be3 authored by Ioan Vancea's avatar Ioan Vancea
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Fixed the hostname for the new LB machine

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- Deploy On Testing
- Deploy On ProductionCentOS
- Deploy On LB
- Deploy On ProductionSUSE
Deploy Testing:
......@@ -16,14 +16,14 @@ Deploy Testing:
- master
Deploy ProductionCentOS:
stage: Deploy On ProductionCentOS
Deploy LB:
stage: Deploy On LB
- pwd
- source /home/deploy/ansible-provision/ansible-venv/bin/activate
- cd deploy
- ansible-playbook -i hosts playbook-production-centos.yml
- echo "Deployed On Production CentOS-> DONE"
- ansible-playbook -i hosts playbook-lb-centos.yml
- echo "Deployed On LB -> DONE"
- ls -al
- pwd
when: manual
- hosts: production-centos
- hosts: lb
project_root: /home/nomadapp/gui
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