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DOS data conversion for graphs refactoring

- working fine for VASP and exciting codes
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......@@ -64,14 +64,18 @@ class DOSPlotter extends InteractivePlotterBase{
for (var i = 0; i < pointsY.length; i++) {
let energy = pointsY[i]/E_FACTOR;
let dos_value_spin1 = pSpin1[i]/dosValueDivisor;
let dos_value_spin1 = pSpin1[i]*dosValueDivisor;
if (pSpin2 !== null) pointsXInPlotRange.push(pSpin2[i]);
//if (pSpin2 !== null) pointsXInPlotRange.push(pSpin2[i]);
//console.log('POINTS : ',pointsX[i], energy);
console.log('POINTS : ',dos_value_spin1, energy);
this.pointsSpin1.push({x: dos_value_spin1, y: energy});
if (pSpin2 !== null)
this.pointsSpin2.push({x: pSpin2[i]/dosValueDivisor, y: energy});
if (pSpin2 !== null){
let dos_value_spin2 = pSpin2[i]*dosValueDivisor;
this.pointsSpin2.push({x: dos_value_spin2, y: energy});
let maxDosVal = Math.max.apply(null, pointsXInPlotRange);
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