Commit 1e27a32e authored by Lauri Himanen's avatar Lauri Himanen
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Made the element search parameter into a list instead of a comma separated string.

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window.nomadEnv = {
//apiRoot: "",
apiRoot: "",
//apiRoot: "http://localhost:8000/fairdi/nomad/latest/api/encyclopedia/",
//apiRoot: "",
apiRoot: "http://localhost:8000/fairdi/nomad/latest/api/encyclopedia/",
keycloakBase: '',
keycloakRealm: 'fairdi_nomad_test',
keycloakClientId: 'nomad_gui_dev'
......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ class SearchMod {
if (elements.length > 0)
queryObj.search_by.element = elements.join(',');
queryObj.search_by.elements = elements;
let exclusiveEl = this.element.querySelector('#exclusive-search:checked');
let restrictedEl = this.element.querySelector('#restricted-search:checked');
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