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## Running `SISSO++` through the python interface
An alternative approach to using the command line is to run `SISSO++` entirely through the python interface.
This tutorial will introduce the user to how to perform SISSO calculations using the python interface, but we will not go over the postprocessing steps demonstrated in [the command line interface tutorial](../
The biggest advantage to using the python bindings is that you can run and analyze the calculations within the same session; however, for larger jobs on supercomputers the command line interface is likely to be more practical.
Despite this understanding how to use the python interface is important because it allows you to test/demonstrate results in a straightforward manner.
The first step in using the python interface is creating an `Inputs` object that will then be used to construct the `FeatureSpace` and `SISSOSolver` objects.
To construct the `Inputs` object you can use the input file approach as before
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