Commit bc86555d authored by Luigi Sbailo's avatar Luigi Sbailo
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Update .gitlab-ci.yml

parent 2219725b
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ build to production:
- docker login -u ai_toolkit -p ${AI_TOOLKIT_TOKEN}
- docker info
- docker pull ${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}:staging || true
- docker build --tag ${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}:production${CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA} --tag ${APP_REGISTRY}:analytics --tag ${APP_REGISTRY}:analytics${CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA} --tag ${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}:latest .
- docker push ${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}:production${CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA}
- docker push ${APP_REGISTRY}:analytics${CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA}
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