Commit 26873da0 authored by Luigi Sbailo's avatar Luigi Sbailo
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Downgrade jupyter jsmol version

parent d37ae382
Subproject commit a507f6c6aa6646d58215e85e86fb763c2c3e864e
Subproject commit 9ef77e6b23d0a983548ce9bd70b79982507edf3b
Subproject commit a8da03936ba014668e08fcdecc0e2e22c2046ef7
Subproject commit 947b190edce0a519cb17155d515ae599f92b06a5
Subproject commit 768a787e841de2a8c1d3ceedd36f090a4158b194
Subproject commit f9bde612bd10258b837f3c7cfac75a7b4cf9d8ee
Subproject commit 2629f2d25bdfab9ac330322e247fd0e25a34b9ab
Subproject commit 283067f162882004ea0f88744a69636e4b5b6b81
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