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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ The docker image is suitable for running/testing locally and for deploying it by
### Building the docker image locally
docker build -t analytics-workshop:latest notebook
docker build -t analytics-workshop:latest .
### Testing/Developing the notebooks locally
......@@ -97,21 +97,3 @@ Each commit triggers a build process on GitLab Runner. Besides the latest tag, t
Note: The latest tag can be found on the following page:
# Jupyterhub deployment
This part is based on an excellent tutorial (
All the default values are available on the following link:
## Goals
- single user requirements (1-4 CPU, 1-2 GB RAM, 1 GB home space)
- custom docker single user image (which contains all the necessary packages)
- reloading the tutorials for each user
## Continuous integration/delivery
Sensitive parameters can be passed as environmental variables. All of these variables can be stored in the settings (More Settings > CI / CD) of GitLab.
In the config file, the keys with empty values are necessary and usually, they are defined as environmental variables and applied by the helm command.
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