Commit 53fcaf77 authored by Luigi Sbailo's avatar Luigi Sbailo
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Fix versions in tutorials

parent 59d41878
Subproject commit 56c8e9692232b32be3eef356d8faaa56e35e93be
Subproject commit 071611dc23562b2fdce3231cba0292385802e09a
Subproject commit ca062e68a732011d8dad0ea30d22611c41a4d867
Subproject commit 87c1dc2a1a2770d95103bfb51e93897d306f39c5
Subproject commit c46f36c30543677dacd7a125784251fc8eeb6c2e
Subproject commit 6328a04340e66f383876e7c408bcf0fe7e3abbbc
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