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function apiReq(materialId, dataType, authToken, callback){
let oReq = new XMLHttpRequest();
oReq.addEventListener("load", callback);"GET", ""+materialId+"/"+dataType);
oReq.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'Basic '+btoa(authToken));
return oReq;
function getMaterialStructureDataFromAPI(materialId, authToken, callback){
apiReq(materialId, 'elements', authToken, e => {
let elements = JSON.parse(;
apiReq(materialId, 'cells', authToken, e1 => {
let cells = JSON.parse(;
let cell;
if (!cells[0].is_primitive) cell= cells[0];
else cell= cells[1];
callback(getCellDataForViewer(elements, cell));
function getNumberArray(string){
let sArray= string.substring(1,string.length-1).split(',');
let fArray= [];
for (let i = 0; i < sArray.length; i++) {
return fArray;
function getCellDataForViewer(elements, cell){
let cellData= {};
cellData.normalizedCell= [
cellData.labels= [];
cellData.positions= [];
for (let i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
//cellData.periodicity = JSON.parse(matData.periodicity);
return cellData;
"id": "5a1bf3b780996e0031366357",
"type": "demos",
"attributes": {
"title": "Encyclopedia API and code usage",
"logicalPath": "/data/shared/ghuhs/encyclopedia.bkr",
"authors": ["Himanen, Lauri", "Huhs, Georg", "Hurtado, Iker", "Kuban, Martin", "Vancea, Ioan", "Draxl, Claudia"],
"editLink": "/notebook-edit/data/shared/tutorialsNew/encyclopedia/encyclopedia.bkr",
"isPublic": true,
"username": "tutorialsNew",
"description": "This tutorial deals mainly with accessing the NOMAD Encyclopedia API (searching for materials, extracting data for specific materials and calculations). It also shows how code developed for the Encyclopedia GUI can be embedded into client applications. ",
"created_at": "2018-09-22T11:15:03.028Z",
"updated_at": "2018-09-22T11:15:03.028Z",
"user_update": "2018-09-22",
"top_of_list": true,
"featured": true,
"labels" : {
"category" : ["Demo"],
"platform" : ["beaker"],
"language" : ["python", "javascript"],
"application_section" : ["Encyclopedia"]
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