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"authors": [
"Lucas Foppa",
"Thomas Purcell",
"Hassanzada, Qaem",
"Foppa, Lucas",
"Bartel, Christopher",
"Purcell, Thomas",
"Sbailò, Luigi",
"Christopher Bartel",
"Ghiringhelli, Luca M."
"email": "",
"title": "Finding a tolerance factor to predict perovskite stability with SISSO",
"description": "In this tutorial...",
"description": "This tutorial shows how a tolerance factor for predicting perovskite stability can be learned from data with the sure-independece-screening-and-sparsifying-operator (SISSO) descriptor-identification approach.",
"notebook_name": "perovskites_tolerance_factor.ipynb",
"url": "",
"link": "{tutorial}.ipynb",
"link_public": "{tutorial}.ipynb",
"updated": "2020-04-09",
"link": "",
"link_public": "",
"link_paper": "",
"link_doi_paper": "",
"updated": "2021-12-14",
"featured": true,
"top_of_list": false
"top_of_list": false,
"paper": true
"labels": {
"application_keyword": [
"application_section": [
"Materials property prediction"
"Timely artificial-intelligence applications to materials science"
"category": [
"application_system": [
"category": [
"data_analytics_method": [
"ai_methods": [
"Supervised learning",
"Symbolic regression",
"Compressed sensing",
"Decision tree",
"Features selection",
"Atomic features"
"platform": [
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