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This repository contains the demos for Google cardboard using GVR Android SDK v1.20.0
Clone that repository and add the content of this one inside the Samples directory.
Copy the content of the ../libs directory (happyhttp, rapidjson, rply, LodePNG) and NOMADVRLib and GoogleCardboard into
Enable support for ndk (tested: android-ndk-r10d) in settings.gradle:
include ':samples:NOMADgvrT'
include ':samples:NOMADgvrT'
List of directories
This program can load prepared molecular dynamics simulations, and is
compatible with the TimestepData OpenVR demo.
......@@ -5,23 +5,34 @@ Follow to install
the SDK.
Copy NOMADVRIOS in gvr-ios-sdk/Samples
Copy ../NOMADVRLib to gvr-ios-sdk/Samples/NOMADVRIOS
Copy ../GoogleCardboard to gvr-ios-sdk/Samples/NOMADVRIOS
Copy from ../libs/ the directories rply, happyhttp, rapidjson
to gvr-ios-sdk/Samples/NOMADVRIOS
Enter gvr-ios-sdk/Samples/TreasureHuntNDK and run
pod update
Enter gvr-ios-sdk/Samples/NOMADVRIOS and run
pod update
If you get this error
[!] Failed to connect to GitHub to update the CocoaPods/Specs specs repo - Please check if you are offline, or that GitHub is down
follow this:
Open Xcode and select NOMADVR.xcworkspace
Setup Developer Account / Profiles / Code signing
(You may need to change the Bundle Identifier)
Compile and run
......@@ -6,7 +6,9 @@ directory.
After compilation, copy ..\textures\digits_64x7_l_blank.png to the exe's
List of directories
List of directories:
This program can load prepared molecular dynamics simulations
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