Commit 047843b8 authored by Ruben Garcia Hernndez's avatar Ruben Garcia Hernndez
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Add support for fixed atoms and bonds in CAVE

parent 8b910c51
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ GLuint textDepthPeeling[ZLAYERS+2];
GLuint peelingFramebuffer;
unsigned int geo[0]; //window width, height
//if no tesselation is available, we still need the tess atoms for the trajectories!
GLuint *AtomTVAO=nullptr, *AtomTBuffer=nullptr,
GLuint *AtomTVAO=nullptr, *AtomTBuffer=nullptr, BondIndices=0,
*AtomVAO=nullptr, *AtomBuffer=nullptr, *AtomIndices=nullptr,//[2], atoms, extraatoms
UnitCellVAO, UnitCellBuffer, UnitCellIndexBuffer;
GLuint AtomsP, UnitCellP;
......@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ glGenTextures(2+ZLAYERS, textDepthPeeling);
bool er;
e=SetupAtoms(&AtomTVAO, &AtomTBuffer);
e=SetupAtoms(&AtomTVAO, &AtomTBuffer, &BondIndices);
if (e!=GL_NO_ERROR) {
eprintf ("SetupAtoms error %d", e);
......@@ -667,7 +667,7 @@ void sceneManager::RenderAtoms(const float *m) //m[16]
eprintf("Gl error 4 timestep =%d: %d, %s\n", m_oldTime,
e, gluErrorString(e));
//eprintf ("8");
if (m_oldTime==0)
if (m_oldTime==0 || fixedAtoms)
glDrawArrays(GL_PATCHES, 0, numAtoms[0]);
glDrawArrays(GL_PATCHES, numAtoms[m_oldTime-1],
......@@ -679,7 +679,7 @@ void sceneManager::RenderAtoms(const float *m) //m[16]
m_oldTime, e, gluErrorString(e));
//now cloned atoms
if (numClonedAtoms!=0 && m_oldTime==0) {
if (numClonedAtoms!=0 && (m_oldTime==0 || fixedAtoms)) {
//eprintf ("10");
//eprintf ("11");
......@@ -690,6 +690,8 @@ void sceneManager::RenderAtoms(const float *m) //m[16]
m_oldTime, e, gluErrorString(e));
} else { //no tess
glBindBuffer(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, AtomIndices[0]);
......@@ -723,8 +725,8 @@ void sceneManager::RenderAtoms(const float *m) //m[16]
if ((e = glGetError()) != GL_NO_ERROR)
eprintf("8 Gl error RenderAtom timestep =%d: %d\n", m_oldTime, e);
if (m_oldTime==0) {
glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, numAtoms[m_oldTime]* 3 * solid->nFaces,
if (m_oldTime==0 || fixedAtoms) {
glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, numAtoms[0]* 3 * solid->nFaces,
#ifndef INDICESGL32
......@@ -781,7 +783,7 @@ void sceneManager::RenderAtomTrajectories(const glm::mat4 eyeViewProjection)
int e;
if (!numAtoms)
eprintf ("RenderAtomTrajectories start");
//eprintf ("RenderAtomTrajectories start");
/*glm::mat4 trans={1,0,0,UserTranslation[0],
......@@ -800,6 +802,30 @@ if ((e = glGetError()) != GL_NO_ERROR)
eprintf("Gl error after glUniform4fv 1 RenderAtomTrajectories: %d\n", e);
//now bonds
if (numBonds) {
if ((e = glGetError()) != GL_NO_ERROR)
eprintf("Gl error after Render Atom bonds glBindVertexArray timestep =%d: %d, %s\n", m_oldTime, e, gluErrorString(e));
if ((e = glGetError()) != GL_NO_ERROR)
eprintf("Gl error after Render Atom bonds glUseProgram timestep =%d: %d, %s\n", m_oldTime, e, gluErrorString(e));
glUniformMatrix4fv(UnitCellMatrixLoc, 1, GL_FALSE, t);
float color[4]={0.5,0.5,1,1};
glUniform4fv(UnitCellColourLoc, 1, color);
if (m_oldTime==0||fixedAtoms)
glDrawElements(GL_LINES, numBonds[0], GL_UNSIGNED_INT, (void*)0);
glDrawElements(GL_LINES, numBonds[m_oldTime]-numBonds[m_oldTime-1], GL_UNSIGNED_INT,
(void*)(sizeof(int)*numBonds[m_oldTime-1]) );
if ((e = glGetError()) != GL_NO_ERROR)
eprintf("Gl error after Render Atom bonds timestep =%d: %d, %s\n", m_oldTime, e, gluErrorString(e));
} //RenderAtomTrajectories
void sceneManager::RenderAtomTrajectoriesUnitCell()
#include "Grid.h"
#include "atoms.hpp" //for radius
#include <math.h>
grid::grid (float *m, float *M, int dims, float s):scale(s) {
content = new std::vector<float*> [dims*dims*dims];
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ if (!solid) {
int totalatoms=numAtoms[getAtomTimesteps() -1];
//eprintf ("SetupAtomsNoTess 2");
*AtomVAO = new GLuint[3]; //atoms, cloned atoms, bonds
*AtomVAO = new GLuint[3]; //atoms, cloned atoms, unused (bonds use Tess atom positions)
*AtomIndexBuffer= new GLuint[3];//atoms, cloned atoms, bonds
*AtomVertBuffer = new GLuint[2];//atoms, cloned atoms
......@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ GLenum SetupAtoms(GLuint **AtomVAO /*[3]*/, GLuint **AtomVertBuffer /*[2]*/, GLu
//rgh: we will need these again if we don't have tesselation
//delete[] clonedAtoms;
return e;
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