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......@@ -135,9 +135,10 @@ via the [conviqt]( code.
Library for high-accuracy gridding/degridding of radio interferometry datasets.
An earlier version of this code has been integrated into
Library for high-accuracy gridding/degridding of radio interferometry datasets
(code paper available at <>).
This code has also been integrated into
as the `wgridder` component.
......@@ -254,6 +254,8 @@ class sharp_standard_geom_info: public sharp_geom_info
virtual double cth(size_t iring) const { return ring[iring].cth; }
virtual double sth(size_t iring) const { return ring[iring].sth; }
virtual double phi0(size_t iring) const { return ring[iring].phi0; }
virtual ptrdiff_t ofs(size_t iring) const { return ring[iring].ofs; }
virtual double weight(size_t iring) const { return ring[iring].weight; }
virtual Tpair pair(size_t ipair) const { return pair_[ipair]; }
virtual void clear_map(const std::any &map) const;
virtual void get_ring(bool weighted, size_t iring, const std::any &map, mav<double,1> &ringtmp) const;
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