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......@@ -160,12 +160,12 @@ template<typename T> class fmav: public fmav_info, public membuf<T>
: fmav_info(info), membuf<T>(d_) {}
fmav(const fmav &other) = default;
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
fmav(fmav &other)
: fmav_info(other), membuf(other) {}
fmav(fmav &other) : fmav_info(other), membuf<T>(other) {}
fmav(fmav &&other) : fmav_info(other), membuf<T>(other) {}
fmav(fmav &other) = default;
fmav(fmav &&other) = default;
fmav(membuf<T> &buf, const shape_t &shp_, const stride_t &str_)
: fmav_info(shp_, str_), membuf<T>(buf) {}
fmav(const membuf<T> &buf, const shape_t &shp_, const stride_t &str_)
......@@ -332,11 +332,12 @@ template<typename T, size_t ndim> class mav: public mav_info<ndim>, public membu
: mav_info<ndim>(shp_), membuf<T>(size()) {}
mav(const mav &other) = default;
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
mav(mav &other): mav_info(other), membuf(other) {}
mav(mav &other): mav_info<ndim>(other), membuf<T>(other) {}
mav(mav &&other): mav_info<ndim>(other), membuf<T>(other) {}
mav(mav &other) = default;
mav(mav &&other) = default;
mav(const shape_t &shp_, const stride_t &str_, const T *d_, membuf<T> &mb)
: mav_info<ndim>(shp_, str_), membuf<T>(d_, mb) {}
mav(const shape_t &shp_, const stride_t &str_, const T *d_, const membuf<T> &mb)
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