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partial revert

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......@@ -781,7 +781,6 @@ template<size_t SUPP, typename T, typename Serv> [[gnu::hot]] void x2grid_c_help
int jump = hlp.lineJump();
const T * DUCC0_RESTRICT ku = hlp.buf.scalar;
const auto * DUCC0_RESTRICT kv = hlp.buf.simd+NVEC;
array<native_simd<T>,NVEC> txr, txi;
while (auto rng=sched.getNext()) for(auto ipart=rng.lo; ipart<rng.hi; ++ipart)
......@@ -794,21 +793,16 @@ template<size_t SUPP, typename T, typename Serv> [[gnu::hot]] void x2grid_c_help
if (do_w_gridding) v*=hlp.Wfac();
if (flip) v=conj(v);
native_simd<T> vr(v.real()), vi(v.imag());
for (size_t i=0; i<NVEC; ++i)
txr[i] = vr*kv[i];
txi[i] = vi*kv[i];
for (size_t cu=0; cu<SUPP; ++cu)
// native_simd<T> tmpr=vr*ku[cu], tmpi=vi*ku[cu];
native_simd<T> tmpr=vr*ku[cu], tmpi=vi*ku[cu];
for (size_t cv=0; cv<NVEC; ++cv)
auto tr = native_simd<T>::loadu(ptrr+cv*hlp.vlen);
tr += txr[cv]*ku[cu];
tr += tmpr*kv[cv];
auto ti = native_simd<T>::loadu(ptri+cv*hlp.vlen);
ti += txi[cv]*ku[cu];
ti += tmpi*kv[cv];
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