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This package provides efficient spherical harmonic trasforms (SHTs). Its code
is derived from [libsharp](, with accelerated
recurrence algorithms presented in
is derived from [libsharp](, but has been
significantly enhanced.
### Noteworthy features
- support for any grid based on iso-latitude rings with equidistant pixels in
each of the rings
- support for accurate spherical harmonic analyis on certain sub-classes of
grids (Clenshaw-Curtis, Fejer-1 and McEwen-Wiaux) at band limits beyond those
for which quadrature weights exist. For details see
[this note](
- substantially improved transformation speed (up to a factor of 2) on the
above mentioned grid geometries for high band limits
- accelerated recurrences as presented in
[Ishioka (2018)](
- vector instruction support
- multi-threading support
The code for rotating spherical harmonic coefficients was taken (with some
modifications) from Mikael Slevinsky's
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