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towards 0.15

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- general:
- the code is now compiled with the "-fvisibility=hidden" flag, which reduces
the size of the resulting binary.
- demo codes were adjusted to use the new SHT interface.
- fft:
- added some functions to reduce the amount of unnecessary memory
allocations and data copying.
- sht:
- it is no longer necessary to pre-allocate an array for the output of the
`sht.experimental.*2d*` functions. If not provided, the functions will
create the array automatically now, which requires passing of new `ntheta`
and `nphi` parameters in come cases.
- the `sht.experimental.*2d*` functions now take an optional `mmax` parameter
which can be used to limit the maximum azimuthal moment of a transform.
If not supplied, the code assumes that `mmax` is equal to `lmax`.
- added some unit tests for the new SHT interface.
- misc:
- added functionality (originally from Planck Level-S) to simulate time
streams of detector noise.
- general:
- ducc0.__version__ is now also defined under Windows
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ from setuptools import setup, Extension
import pybind11
pkgname = 'ducc0'
version = '0.14.0'
version = '0.15.0'
user_cflags = os.getenv("DUCC0_CFLAGS", "").split(" ")
user_cflags = [x for x in user_cflags if x != ""]
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