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instead of just replacing a whole transform.
- sht:
- rewrite, moving away from pointers to mav objects. This is not finished,
and once it is complete, the Python SHT interface will most likely change.
So this might have to wait for ducc1.
- design of a new SHT interface. Parts of this interface are made visible
from Python, but should be considered experimental. The "sharpjob_d"-based
interface will be kept for compatibility purposes until ducc1 is released.
- misc.rotate_alm was moved to the sht submodule.
- totalconvolver:
- interface change to synchronize it better with the upcoming SHT interface.
Basically, if an array has a "number of components" axis, this is now
always in first place.
Strictly speaking this is an interface-breaking change, but to the best of
my knowledge the interface in question has not been used in other projects
- general:
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