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......@@ -20,14 +20,14 @@
- more careful treatment of u,v,w-coordinates and phase angles, leading to
better achievable accuracies for single-precision runs
- performance improvements by making the computed interval in "n-1" symmetric
around 0. This reduces the number of required w planed significantly.
around 0. This reduces the number of required w planes significantly.
Speedups are bigger for large FOVs and when FFT is dominating.
- allow working with dirty images that are shifted with respect to the phase
center. This can be used for faceting and incorporating DDEs.
- new optional flag "double_precision_accumulation" for gridding routines,
which causes accumulation onto the uv grid to be done in double precision,
regardless of input and output precision. This can be helpful to avoid
accumulation errors in speciel circumstances.
accumulation errors in special circumstances.
- pointingprovider:
- improved performance via vectorized trigonometric functions
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