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...@@ -193,10 +193,10 @@ void add_wgridder(py::module &msup) ...@@ -193,10 +193,10 @@ void add_wgridder(py::module &msup)
using namespace pybind11::literals; using namespace pybind11::literals;
auto m = msup.def_submodule("wgridder"); auto m = msup.def_submodule("wgridder");
m.def("ms2dirty", &Pyms2dirty, "uvw"_a, "freq"_a, "ms"_a, m.def("ms2dirty", &Pyms2dirty, ms2dirty_DS, "uvw"_a, "freq"_a, "ms"_a,
"wgt"_a=None, "npix_x"_a, "npix_y"_a, "pixsize_x"_a, "pixsize_y"_a, "nu"_a, "nv"_a, "wgt"_a=None, "npix_x"_a, "npix_y"_a, "pixsize_x"_a, "pixsize_y"_a, "nu"_a, "nv"_a,
"epsilon"_a, "do_wstacking"_a=false, "nthreads"_a=1, "verbosity"_a=0); "epsilon"_a, "do_wstacking"_a=false, "nthreads"_a=1, "verbosity"_a=0);
m.def("dirty2ms", &Pydirty2ms, "uvw"_a, "freq"_a, "dirty"_a, m.def("dirty2ms", &Pydirty2ms, dirty2ms_DS, "uvw"_a, "freq"_a, "dirty"_a,
"wgt"_a=None, "pixsize_x"_a, "pixsize_y"_a, "nu"_a, "nv"_a, "epsilon"_a, "wgt"_a=None, "pixsize_x"_a, "pixsize_y"_a, "nu"_a, "nv"_a, "epsilon"_a,
"do_wstacking"_a=false, "nthreads"_a=1, "verbosity"_a=0); "do_wstacking"_a=false, "nthreads"_a=1, "verbosity"_a=0);
} }
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