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- general:
- compiles and runs on MacOS 11
- choice of various optimization and debugging levels by setting
the DUCC0_OPTIMIZATION variable before compilation.
Valid choices are
no optimization or debugging, fast compilation
Optimizations which are portable to all CPUs of a given family
same as above, with debugging information
Optimizations which are specific to the host CPU, non-portable library
same as above, with debugging information
Default is "native".
- wgridder:
- more careful treatment of u,v,w-coordinates and phase angles, leading to
better achievable accuracies for single-precision runs
- performance improvements by making the computed interval in "n-1" symmetric
around 0. This reduces the number of required w planed significantly.
Speedups are bigger for large FOVs and when FFT is dominating.
- allow working with dirty images that are shifted with respect to the phase
center. This allows faceting.
- pointingprovider:
- improved performance via vectorized trigonometric functions
- general:
- compilation with MSVC on Windows is now possible
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