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towards 0.16

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- general:
- the GIL is now released in many more functions
- very long 1D transforms now have a lower memory overhead and should be
- a_lm rotation is now much more accurate, but slightly slower
- the improved apherical harmonic analysis capabilities are now documented
- two new convenience functions vdot() and l2error() were added
- general:
- the code is now compiled with the "-fvisibility=hidden" flag, which reduces
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ from setuptools import setup, Extension
import pybind11
pkgname = 'ducc0'
version = '0.15.0'
version = '0.16.0'
user_cflags = os.getenv("DUCC0_CFLAGS", "").split(" ")
user_cflags = [x for x in user_cflags if x != ""]
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