Commit 30f07a8c authored by Marcel Henrik Schubert's avatar Marcel Henrik Schubert
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commented massive print out

parent 4b043aeb
......@@ -633,7 +633,7 @@ def listener(doInt, ranges, q, savepath, rerun=False, num_to_process =0, o=None)
#get from correct queue
m = q[doInt].get() ##Q:
print('Gotten el {} from queue'.format(type(m[0])), file=o)
#print('Gotten el {} from queue'.format(type(m[0])), file=o)
#if we have the kill command from main we end the loop (if queue is empty) otherwise work till empty and close the file
if m[0] == 'kill':
empty = q[doInt].empty()
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