Commit b20effff authored by Pardini, Lorenzo (lopa)'s avatar Pardini, Lorenzo (lopa)
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added bandstructure parsing

parent f50fc0ac
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ class ExcitingParserContext(object):
backend.addValue('single_configuration_calculation_to_system_ref', self.secSystemIndex)
dirPath = os.path.dirname(
dosFile = os.path.join(dirPath, "dos.xml")
bandFile = os.path.join(dirPath, "sbandstructure.xml")
bandFile = os.path.join(dirPath, "bandstructure.xml")
fermiSurfFile = os.path.join(dirPath, "FERMISURF.bxsf")
# inputFile = os.path.join(dirPath, "input.xml")
gwFile = os.path.join(dirPath, "GW_INFO.OUT")
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