Commit 4b602f56 authored by ankit kariryaa's avatar ankit kariryaa
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Add test; Warning no real files to test are present in the directory at the moment

parent dfa19c7c
package eu.nomad_lab.parsers
import org.specs2.mutable.Specification
object ExcitingParserSpec extends Specification {
"ExcitingParserTest" >> {
"test with json-events" >> {
//No test file present at the moment; Replace the README when test file is present
ParserRun.parse(ExcitingParser,"parsers/castep/test/examples/","json-events") must_== ParseResult.ParseSuccess
"test with json" >> {
ParserRun.parse(ExcitingParser,"parsers/exciting/test/examples/","json") must_== ParseResult.ParseSuccess
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