1. 23 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  2. 19 Feb, 2020 1 commit
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      Rfi chamber (#7) · 2383cb26
      ewanbarr authored
      * moved rfi chamber development from ewanbarr/psrdada_cpp to MPIfR-BDG/psrdada_cpp
      * added global OpenMP linker flag (temporary fix)
      * RS sepctrometer running with copy overlap
      * added code for writing output spectrum to disk
      * added code for writing output spectrum to disk
      * file writer running
      * added CLI for rsspectrometer
      * added FFT shift on output write
      * fixed missing commas
      * added FFT shifting on write
      * added test for dc power
      * typo resulting in excess spectra being accumulated
      * added missing sychrnonise on proc stream
      * fixed possible bug with inplace FFT when using advanced data layout
      * typo fix
      * added automatic read back of output and check for DC bin power in test
      * automatic DC power test runs and passing
      * generalised the spectrometer test
      * fixed error where first channel block was not being processed
      * changed logging level for some messages
      * fixes for handling correct processing of channel blocks
      * added network reorder on short2 to float2 conversion
      * fixed BE to LE conversion in short2 to float2 cast
      * added host to network order conversion in tests
      * removed unused variable
      * Added some doc strings to RSSpectrometer.cuh header