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Fixed indentation and doc strings

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......@@ -43,6 +43,15 @@ public:
* @param nSideChannels Number of side channel items in the data stream,
* @param selectedSideChannel Side channel item used for gating
* @param selectedBit bit of side channel item used for gating
* @param speadHeapSize Size of the spead heap block.
* @param fftLength Size of the FFT
* @param naccumulate Number of samples to integrate in the individual
* FFT bins
* @param nbits Bit depth of the sampled signal
* @param input_level Normalization level of the input signal
* @param output_level Normalization level of the output signal
* @param handler Output handler
GatedSpectrometer(std::size_t buffer_bytes, std::size_t nSideChannels,
std::size_t selectedSideChannel, std::size_t selectedBit,
......@@ -70,7 +79,7 @@ public:
* data block.
* @param block A RawBytes object wrapping a DADA data buffer output
* are the integrated specttra with/without bit set.
* are the integrated specttra with/without bit set.
bool operator()(RawBytes &block);
......@@ -78,7 +87,7 @@ private:
void process(thrust::device_vector<RawVoltageType> const &digitiser_raw,
thrust::device_vector<RawVoltageType> const &sideChannelData,
thrust::device_vector<IntegratedPowerType> &detected_G0,
thrust::device_vector<IntegratedPowerType> &detected_G1,
thrust::device_vector<IntegratedPowerType> &detected_G1,
thrust::device_vector<int> &noOfBitSet);
......@@ -107,7 +116,7 @@ private:
DoubleDeviceBuffer<IntegratedPowerType> _power_db_G0;
DoubleDeviceBuffer<IntegratedPowerType> _power_db_G1;
DoubleDeviceBuffer<RawVoltageType> _sideChannelData_db;
DoubleDeviceBuffer<int> _noOfBitSetsInSideChannel;
DoubleDeviceBuffer<int> _noOfBitSetsInSideChannel;
thrust::device_vector<UnpackedVoltageType> _unpacked_voltage_G0;
thrust::device_vector<UnpackedVoltageType> _unpacked_voltage_G1;
......@@ -119,13 +128,31 @@ private:
cudaStream_t _proc_stream;
cudaStream_t _d2h_stream;
cudaEvent_t _procA, _procB;
cudaEvent_t _procA, _procB;
/// Route the data in G0 to G1 if corresponding sideChannelData bit at bitpos is
/// set to 1.
/// The data in the other stream is set to 0.
* @brief Splits the input data depending on a bit set into two arrays.
* @detail The resulting gaps are filled with zeros in the other stream.
* @param GO Input data. Data is set to zero if corresponding
* sideChannelData bit at bitpos os set.
* @param G1 Data in this array is set to zero if corresponding
* sideChannelData bit at bitpos is not set.
* @param sideChannelData noOfSideChannels items per block of heapSize
* bytes in the input data.
* @param N lebgth of the input/output arrays G0.
* @param heapsize Size of the blocks for which there is an entry in the
* @param bitpos Position of the bit to evaluate for processing.
* @param noOfSideChannels Number of side channels items per block of
* data.
* @param selectedSideChannel No. of side channel item to be eveluated.
0 <= selectedSideChannel < noOfSideChannels.
__global__ void gating(float *G0, float *G1, const int64_t *sideChannelData,
size_t N, size_t heapSize, int64_t bitpos,
int64_t noOfSideChannels, int64_t selectedSideChannel);
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ set(
cuda_add_executable(gtest_edd ${gtest_edd_src} )
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