Commit 5858e8c8 authored by Jason Wu's avatar Jason Wu

fix: got rid hardcoded dspsr_params in

parent c2f4d60a
Pipeline #92978 passed with stages
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......@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@ class EddPulsarPipeline(EDDPipeline):
elif parse_tag(self._source_name) == "R":
cmd = "numactl -m {numa} dspsr -L 10 -c 1.0 -D 0.0001 -r -minram 1024 -fft-bench -x {fft_length} {nchan} -cpu {cpus} -N {name} -cuda {cuda_number} {keyfile}".format(
cmd = "numactl -m {numa} dspsr {args} -c 1.0 -D 0.0001 -fft-bench -x {fft_length} {nchan} -cpu {cpus} -N {name} -cuda {cuda_number} {keyfile}".format(
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