Commit 8ca734ac authored by Tobias Winchen's avatar Tobias Winchen
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Fix message list

parent 9f683a8e
......@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@
"html_data": "<div>\n</div>",
"id": 2093487693498,
"interval": null,
"js_code": "var notes =[0].rows[0].value;\n\nconst arr = notes.split(\"\\\\n\");\n\nvar ul = document.createElement(\"UL\");\nfor (var el of arr)\n{\n var li = document.createElement(\"LI\");\n li.innerHTML = el.replace(\"*\", \"\").trim();\n ul.appendChild(li);\n}\nhtmlnode.innerHTML = ul.innerHTML;\n\n",
"js_code": "var notes =[0].rows[0].value;\nconst arr = notes.split(/\\r?\\n/);\n\nvar ul = document.createElement(\"UL\");\n\nfor (var el of arr)\n{\n \n var str = el.replace(\"*\", \"\").trim();\n \n if (str)\n {\n var li = document.createElement(\"LI\");\n li.innerHTML = str;\n ul.appendChild(li);\n }\n}\nhtmlnode.innerHTML = ul.innerHTML;\n\n",
"js_init_code": "",
"links": [],
"maxDataPoints": 3,
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