Commit 999eb514 authored by Martin Glatzle's avatar Martin Glatzle
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Externalize metadata.

parent e32ac0d7
with open('') as fh:
long_desc =
name = 'cosmic_dustbox'
version = '0.1.dev0'
authors = 'Martin Glatzle, Ayman Noureldin'
author_email = ''
description = 'Toolbox for cosmic dust.'
url = ''+name
license = 'GPL-3.0'
from setuptools import setup from setuptools import setup
import metadata as md
with open('') as fh:
long_desc =
name = 'cosmic_dustbox'
setup( setup(
version='0.1.dev0', version=md.version,
author_email='', author=md.authors,
description='Toolbox for cosmic dust.', author_email=md.author_email,
long_description=long_desc, description=md.description,
long_description_content_type='text/markdown', long_description_content_type='text/markdown',
url=''+name, url=md.url,
license='GPL-3.0', license=md.license,
packages=[name], packages=[],
install_requires=[ install_requires=[
'numpy', 'numpy',
'astropy', 'astropy',
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