Commit ba91b083 authored by lucas_miranda's avatar lucas_miranda
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Created for storing model classes that take parameter kwargs as input

parent 0ad5faef
......@@ -439,7 +439,3 @@ class SEQ_2_SEQ_MMVAE(HyperModel):
def build(self, hp):
# 1) Refactor VAE losses to be proper losses, using K.add_loss() instead of global variables!
# @author lucasmiranda42
from keras import backend as K
from tensorflow.keras import Input, Model, Sequential
from tensorflow.keras.constraints import Constraint, UnitNorm
from tensorflow.keras.layers import Bidirectional, Dense, Dropout
from tensorflow.keras.layers import Lambda, Layer, LSTM
from tensorflow.keras.layers import RepeatVector, TimeDistributed
from tensorflow.keras.losses import Huber
from tensorflow.keras.optimizers import Adam
import tensorflow as tf
class SEQ_2_SEQ_AE:
class SEQ_2_SEQ_VAE:
class SEQ_2_SEQ_MVAE(HyperModel):
class SEQ_2_SEQ_MMVAE(HyperModel):
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