Commit 8db9836c authored by lucas_miranda's avatar lucas_miranda
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Implemented weight saving callback in

parent 50da4cd0
......@@ -383,6 +383,6 @@ maedf["mae"] = [
# Save dataframes to .h5
dfencs.astype(float).to_hdf("dash_data_1.h5", key="df", mode="w")
clust_occur.astype(float).to_hdf("dash_data_2.h5", key="df", mode="w")
maedf.astype(float).to_hdf("dash_data_3.h5", key="df", mode="w")
dfencs.to_hdf("dash_data_1.h5", key="df", mode="w")
clust_occur.to_hdf("dash_data_2.h5", key="df", mode="w")
maedf.to_hdf("dash_data_3.h5", key="df", mode="w")
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