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Implemented outlier interpolation

parent 2c4a0abf
......@@ -780,8 +780,8 @@ class coordinates:
def deep_unsupervised_embedding(
preprocessed_object: np.array,
encoding_size: int,
preprocessed_object: Tuple[np.ndarray, np.ndarray, np.ndarray, np.ndarray],
encoding_size: int = 4,
batch_size: int = 256,
cp: bool = True,
hparams: dict = None,
......@@ -795,7 +795,41 @@ class coordinates:
predictor: float = 0,
pretrained: str = False,
variational: bool = True,
) -> Tuple:
Annotates coordinates using an unsupervised autoencoder
- preprocessed_object (Tuple[np.ndarray]): tuple containing a preprocessed object (X_train,
y_train, X_test, y_test)
- encoding_size (int): number of dimensions in the latent space of the autoencoder
- batch_size (int): training batch size
- cp (bool): if True, training checkpoints are saved to disk. Useful for debugging,
but can make training significantly slower
- hparams (dict): dictionary to change architecture hyperparameters of the autoencoders
(see documentation for details)
- kl_warmup (int): number of epochs over which to increase KL weight linearly
(default is number of epochs // 4)
- loss (str): Loss function to use. Currently, 'ELBO', 'MMD' and 'ELBO+MMD' are supported.
- mmd_warmup (int): number of epochs over which to increase MMD weight linearly
(default is number of epochs // 4)
- montecarlo_kl (int): Number of Montecarlo samples used to estimate the KL between latent space and prior
- n_components (int): Number of components of the Gaussian Mixture in the latent space
- outpath (str): Path where to save the training loggings
- phenotype_class (float): weight assigned to phenotype classification. If > 0,
a classification neural network is appended to the latent space,
aiming to enforce structure from a set of labels in the encoding.
- predictor (float): weight assigned to a predictor branch. If > 0, a regression neural network
is appended to the latent space,
aiming to predict what happens immediately next in the sequence, which can help with regularization.
- pretrained (bool): If True, a pretrained set of weights is expected.
- variational (bool): If True (default) a variational autoencoder is used. If False,
a simple autoencoder is used for dimensionality reduction
- return_list (tuple): List containing all relevant trained models for unsupervised prediction.
# Load all
X_train, y_train, X_val, y_val = preprocessed_object
......@@ -836,8 +870,11 @@ class coordinates:
if pretrained:
return return_list
# returns a trained tensorflow model
# returns a list of trained tensorflow models
return ae
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