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Updated with basic tutorial

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......@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@ my_project =
Once you have this, you can do several things! But let's first explore how the results of those computations I mentioned
are stored. To extract trajectories, distances and/or angles, you can respectively type:
deepof_coords = deepof_main.get_coords(center=True, polar=False, speed=0, align="Nose", align_inplace=True)
deepof_dists = deepof_main.get_distances(speed=0)
deepof_angles = deepof_main.get_angles(speed=0)
my_project_coords = my_project.get_coords(center=True, polar=False, speed=0, align="Nose", align_inplace=True)
my_project_dists = my_project.get_distances(speed=0)
my_project_angles = my_project.get_angles(speed=0)
Here, the data are stored as `````` instances. These are very similar to python dictionaries
with experiment IDs as keys and pandas.DataFrame objects as values, with a few extra methods for convinience. Peeping
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