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Adds a notebook that trains a CNN model for recognising the arena

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......@@ -22,12 +22,12 @@ import pytest
table_type=st.integers(min_value=0, max_value=2),
table_type=st.integers(min_value=0, max_value=1),
arena_type=st.integers(min_value=0, max_value=1),
def test_project_init(table_type, arena_type):
table_type = [".h5", ".csv", ".foo"][table_type]
table_type = [".h5", ".csv"][table_type]
arena_type = ["circular", "foo"][arena_type]
if arena_type == "foo":
......@@ -53,11 +53,6 @@ def test_project_init(table_type, arena_type):
assert type(prun) ==
assert type(prun.load_tables(verbose=True)) == tuple
assert type(prun.get_scale) == np.ndarray
elif table_type == ".foo" and arena_type != "foo":
with pytest.raises(NotImplementedError):
def test_project_properties():
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