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      Counter for memory bandwidth (loads + stores) · 803a3959
      Lorenz Huedepohl authored
      Additionally one can now also measure load and stores, and thus the
      memory bandwidth. Therefore, also the arithmetic intensity.
      One caveat, though: The user is responsible to provide a meaningful
      value for the amount of bytes transferred in one load/store, via the
      "bytes_per_ldsr" parameter of the new function %set_print_options.
      Till now, I have now way of obtaining this value programmatically, and
      it also can and will vary for different sections of a program.
      For example, a SSE movapd instructions loads/stores 16 byte, but is
      still counted as one "load and store" instruction, just as well as a
      1-byte mov. Feel free to advise me on a better set of machine counters..
      Also, somewhat updated documentation.
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