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      Measure RAM access with Linux perf API · 49797bea
      Lorenz Huedepohl authored
      There is currently no reliable way to measure RAM accesses with PAPI,
      the previous way by counting load and store instructions is not very
      useful, as it is unknown how many bytes are transferred in each
      On certain CPUs there is a reliable way to measure this via an "uncore"
      performance counter, one can check if your CPU (and/or Linux kernel
      version) support this by checking if the files
      To access these counter from an unprivileged program one has to set the
      "paranoia" level of the perf subsystem to at most 0, adjustable via the
      Along with this change there is a small API/ABI breakage as some keyword
      arguments related to the memory measurement have been renamed/split-up.
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      PAPI support for FLOP counts · c40d388d
      Lorenz Huedepohl authored
      Next so some refactoring into four separate source files, support for
      also recording values of perfomance counters via the PAPI library was
      added, at the moment a FLOP count is measured and results are presented
      in timer_print as MFlop/s.
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