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!> \mainpage Ftimings
!> An almost pure-fortran attempt to play with tree structures, which evolved
!> into the timing library used e.g. by the VERTEX supernova code.
!> ftimings, a simple Fortran library for time measurement and profiling
!> Initially an almost pure Fortran finger excercise to play with tree structures,
!> using the (at the time) new object oriented Features of Fortran 2008. It
!> evolved into a timing library used by a couple of codes that run here at MPCDF.
!> All you need to know is contained in module ftimings' timer_t derived type
!> public methods (\ref ftimings::timer_t).
!> A minimal example:
!> type(timer_t) :: timer
!> call timer%enable()
!> call timer%start("section")
!> [...]
!> call timer%start("subsection")
!> [...]
!> call timer%stop("subsection")
!> [...]
!> call timer%stop("section")
!> call timer%print()
!> call timer%free()
!> Most of the public methods are documented with Doxygen-style tags in
!> ftimings/ftimings.F90. However, current Doxygen seems to be very poor at
!> creating documentation for Fortran codes, thus the resulting files seem to miss
!> most of the important methods, as they are wrongly considered to be private.
!> Look at the documentation comments in the source code itself for the moment.
!> Questions and feedback are welcome, contact loh {at}
!> All you need to know is contained in the \ref ftimings::timer_t derived type.
module ftimings
use ftimings_type
use ftimings_value
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