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Important links:
- Explanations of the YAML syntax of the file **.gitlab-ci.yml** [found here](
## Tags:
Tags only make sence if there are multiple runners.
They allow to choose on which runner the job will be executed.
**You don't need tags if you have only one runner!**
The tags are used to select a specific runner. Note the following:
1. Each job is assigned to only **one** runner!
1. If job has no tag
- one runner must be configured to run untagged jobs
1. Job has tags
- **all** tags of a job **must match** a subset of the tags of **one** runner
Each job can have one or multiple tags, here an example:
stage: build
- tag1_runnerA
stage: build
- tag1_runnerB
stage: build
- tag1_runnerA
- tag2_runnerA
- runner A has the tags `tag1_runnerA` and `tag2_runnerA` ... and therefore runs `job_1` and `job_3`
- runner B has the tags `tag1_runnerB` and `tag2_runnerB` ... and therefore runs only `job_2`
- **Careful**, the tag list should contain only tags of **one** runner!
- **Careful**, different runners cannot have the same tag!
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