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# Run the reconstructions
# Validation examples
FIXME Write something on MPI.
FIXME How to use it with EHT data.
There are a total of 6 validation examples for which mock data can be found in `data/`. These examples have the internal names
The reconstructions start from a common initial configuration (`initial.h5`). It can be generated using the command
blobs, crescent, disk, ehtcrescent, sim1, sim2
and the `.csv` files have the same structure as the M87* data.
# M87* data
The data obtained by the Event-Horizon-Telescope (EHT) about M87* can be found [here]( To use this data in our pipeline, the `.csv` files have to be renamed to match the naming convention of the examples. For example the `.csv` file `SR1_M87_2017_095_hi_hops_netcal_StokesI.csv` has to be renamed to `m87_095_hi.csv`.
# Reconstructions
The reconstructions can be computed using `make`. For example the results for `blobs` can be generated using the command
make blobs
With the following commands start a reconstruction of your favourite example.
# MPI support
The reconstruction files support MPI parallelization. It can be enabled using the flag `VLBI_MPI_TASKS`. Specifically the command
python3 blobs initial.h5
python3 crescent initial.h5
python3 disk initial.h5
VLBI_MPI_TASKS=10 make m87
runs the reconstruction for the `m87` data using 10 MPI tasks.
# Tets
In order to run the tests you need pytest. Then run:
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