Commit f1540b9c authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke

tentative fix

parent e5902284
......@@ -894,16 +894,17 @@ template<typename T, typename T2=complex<T>> class Helper
int idxu = (bu0+nu)%nu;
int idxv0 = (bv0+nv)%nv;
#pragma omp critical(gridder_writing_to_grid)
for (int iu=0; iu<su; ++iu)
int idxv = idxv0;
// locks[idxu].lock();
for (int iv=0; iv<sv; ++iv)
grid_w[idxu*nv + idxv] += wbuf[iu*sv + iv];
if (++idxv>=nv) idxv=0;
// locks[idxu].unlock();
if (++idxu>=nu) idxu=0;
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