Commit 8994990f authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke
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incell -> fov

parent e7a42c9c
......@@ -364,9 +364,9 @@ template<typename T> class GridderConfig
GridderConfig(size_t nxdirty, size_t nydirty, double epsilon,
double incell_x, double incell_y)
double fov_x, double fov_y)
: nx_dirty(nxdirty), ny_dirty(nydirty),
ucorr(1./(incell_x*nxdirty)), vcorr(1./(incell_y*nydirty)),
ucorr(1./fov_x), vcorr(1./fov_y),
w(get_w(epsilon)), nsafe((w+1)/2),
nu(max(2*nsafe,2*nx_dirty)), nv(max(2*nsafe,2*ny_dirty)),
......@@ -375,8 +375,8 @@ template<typename T> class GridderConfig
myassert((nx_dirty&1)==0, "nx_dirty must be even");
myassert((ny_dirty&1)==0, "ny_dirty must be even");
myassert(epsilon>0, "epsilon must be positive");
myassert(incell_x>0, "incell_x must be positive");
myassert(incell_y>0, "incell_y must be positive");
myassert(fov_x>0, "fov_x must be positive");
myassert(fov_y>0, "fov_y must be positive");
auto tmp = correction_factors(nu, nx_dirty/2+1, w);
......@@ -813,8 +813,10 @@ nydirty: int
epsilon: float
required accuracy for the gridding/degridding step
Must be >= 2e-13.
incell_x: float
incell_y: float
fov_x: float
Field of view in x direction (radians)
fov_y: float
Field of view in y direction (radians)
const char *grid2dirty_DS = R"""(
......@@ -934,7 +936,7 @@ PYBIND11_MODULE(nifty_gridder, m)
"vis"_a, "idx"_a, "ms"_a.noconvert());
py::class_<GridderConfig<double>> (m, "GridderConfig", GridderConfig_DS)
.def(py::init<size_t, size_t, double, double, double>(),"nxdirty"_a,
"nydirty"_a, "epsilon"_a, "incell_x"_a, "incell_y"_a)
"nydirty"_a, "epsilon"_a, "fov_x"_a, "fov_y"_a)
.def("Nu", &GridderConfig<double>::Nu)
.def("Nv", &GridderConfig<double>::Nv)
.def("grid2dirty", &GridderConfig<double>::grid2dirty, grid2dirty_DS, "grid"_a)
......@@ -960,7 +962,7 @@ PYBIND11_MODULE(nifty_gridder, m)
"vis"_a, "idx"_a, "ms"_a.noconvert());
py::class_<GridderConfig<float>> (m, "GridderConfig_f")
.def(py::init<size_t, size_t, float, float, float>(),"nxdirty"_a,
"nydirty"_a, "epsilon"_a, "incell_x"_a, "incell_y"_a)
"nydirty"_a, "epsilon"_a, "fov_x"_a, "fov_y"_a)
.def("Nu", &GridderConfig<float>::Nu)
.def("Nv", &GridderConfig<float>::Nv)
.def("grid2dirty", &GridderConfig<float>::grid2dirty, "grid"_a)
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